Freelance UX Designer
& Digital Strategist

9+ years of experience as a UX designer

6+ years of experience with Design Systems

34+ years team player

Available for project and interim work

👋 Hi, I am Wynand Klees


UX/UI Design

I give your digital platform a distinctive look with my intuitive and appealing designs. Improve your team's efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Design Systems

I strive for consistency and efficiency in setting up teams and developing design systems. Together, we create a streamlined experience for your team and end users.

Service Design

I optimize the overall user experience with seamless service designs, ensuring consistent and high-quality interactions at every touchpoint.

Curious how I can be of service to your product team or project ?

2022 - 2024


setting up of a comprehensive multibrand design system for Sligro Foodgroup



Leading the implementation of a new design system and redesign of the main website.



Setting up a design system and structuring research requests for validation and implementation.



Rebranding and redesigning Plugify increasing conversion rates and simplifying the booking process.