As part of the new UX team for ING Wholesale Banking, we supported key applications like the InsideBusiness Payments (IBP) portal. Our focus was on implementing a component-based design system and establishing a 'UX Center of Excellence.' This initiative aimed to ensure efficient development and a consistent user experience across all applications, addressing the complexities inherent in legacy systems through the use of reusable components.

This case study details our approach to streamlining the management of research requests to enhance UX consistency and efficiency.

a person holding a phone
a person holding a phone

Case Study: Streamlining UX Research Requests for ING Wholesale Banking

a person holding a phone
a person holding a phone

Managing research requests for the design system during roadmap planning in ING’s Wholesale Banking division was challenging due to inefficiencies in coordinating multiple meetings, leading to misaligned priorities and objectives among different teams. Moreover, there was a need to properly understand and define the real problems requiring solutions.

In such a large organization, ensuring UX consistency across various applications is crucial, especially when integrating a component-based design system. However, managing research requests from different stakeholders can become chaotic without a structured process. The key challenges faced were:

  • Misaligned Priorities and Objectives: Different teams had varying priorities, leading to conflicting objectives and a lack of unified direction.

  • Inefficient Communication: Coordinating research requests through multiple meetings was time-consuming and often resulted in miscommunication.

  • Undefined Problems: Stakeholders often presented solutions rather than identifying the core problems, leading to features that might not address real user needs.

black smartphone near person
black smartphone near person
paper on wallpaper on wall
Intake Request Flow for New Design System Components
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paper on wallpaper on wall
Intake Request Flow for New Design System Components

Visual Identity:

  • Logo: Redesigned the logo to be more modern and vibrant, reflecting the energetic nature of live music.

  • Color Scheme: Adopted a new color palette with vibrant hues to evoke excitement and creativity.

  • Typography: Selected clean, legible fonts to improve readability across the platform.

Marketing and Communication:

  • Updated all marketing materials, including social media profiles, brochures, and email templates, to align with the new brand identity.

  • Launched a marketing campaign to introduce the rebranded platform, highlighting the new features and improved user experience.

Rebranding Strategy
  • Increased Engagement: User engagement increased by 40%, with more users exploring artist profiles and completing the booking process.

  • Higher Conversion Rates: The simplified booking process led to a 30% increase in completed bookings.

  • Positive User Feedback: Received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users appreciating the new design and ease of use.

  • User Testing: Conducted A/B testing with existing and new users to compare the old and new designs. The new design showed a significant increase in user satisfaction and task completion rates.

  • Iterative Design: Implemented feedback from user testing to refine the design further before the final launch.

  • Launch: Rolled out the rebranded platform with a coordinated marketing push, including blog posts, social media announcements, and email newsletters.

Testing and Implementation

The rebranding and redesign of Plugify successfully addressed the initial challenges by providing a more intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly platform. The improved user experience not only increased engagement and conversion rates but also strengthened Plugify's position as a leading live music booking platform.



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