Plugify, initially launched as an dual sided marketplace platform for booking live music acts, faced challenges in user engagement and retention. The primary issues were an outdated user interface, a complicated booking process, and unclear navigation. The goal was to rebrand Plugify with a fresh look and feel, streamline the user journey, and ensure the platform effectively connected artists with event organizers.

man in black crew neck t-shirt singing
man in black crew neck t-shirt singing
man holding saxophone instrument
man holding saxophone instrument

Rebranding Plugify & Redesign of a Dual Sided Music Booking Platform (2017)

Objective: To rebrand Plugify to improve user engagement, simplify the booking process, and enhance the overall user experience.

Role: UX Designer

Duration: 6 months

Tools: Adobe CS, Sketch, Google Analytics, Angular, SCSS

Research and Analysis
  1. User Interviews and Surveys: Conducted interviews and surveys with existing users to gather feedback on the current platform's strengths and weaknesses.

    Key findings included:

    • Difficulty in navigating the site.

    • Complex booking process with too many steps.

    • Lack of clear artist profiles and performance previews.

  2. Competitive Analysis: Analyzed competitors to identify industry standards and best practices. Notable features from competitors included intuitive search filters, seamless booking processes, and engaging artist profiles with multimedia content.

  3. Analytics Review: Used Google Analytics to track user behavior on the site. High bounce rates on the homepage and during the booking process were identified as critical pain points.

Design Solutions
  1. Redesigning the User Interface:

    • Homepage: Introduced a clean, modern design with a prominent search bar and easy navigation to different event types (e.g., weddings, corporate events, private parties).

    • Artist Profiles: Enhanced with high-quality images, audio samples, and video performances to give users a better sense of the artists' capabilities.

    • Booking Process: Simplified from six steps to three, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

  2. Improving Navigation:

    • Implemented a clear, consistent navigation bar with categories such as “Discover Artists,” “How It Works,” and “Contact Us.”

    • Added breadcrumbs and a search filter to help users find relevant artists quickly.

  3. Enhancing User Engagement:

    • Introduced user reviews and ratings for artists to build trust and credibility.

    • Added a “Favorites” feature, allowing users to save their preferred artists and revisit them later.

Visual Identity:

  • Logo: Redesigned the logo to be more modern and vibrant, reflecting the energetic nature of live music.

  • Color Scheme: Adopted a new color palette with vibrant hues to evoke excitement and creativity.

  • Typography: Selected clean, legible fonts to improve readability across the platform.

Marketing and Communication:

  • Updated all marketing materials, including social media profiles, brochures, and email templates, to align with the new brand identity.

  • Launched a marketing campaign to introduce the rebranded platform, highlighting the new features and improved user experience.

Rebranding Strategy
  • Increased Engagement: User engagement increased by 40%, with more users exploring artist profiles and completing the booking process.

  • Higher Conversion Rates: The simplified booking process led to a 30% increase in completed bookings.

  • Positive User Feedback: Received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users appreciating the new design and ease of use.

  • User Testing: Conducted A/B testing with existing and new users to compare the old and new designs. The new design showed a significant increase in user satisfaction and task completion rates.

  • Iterative Design: Implemented feedback from user testing to refine the design further before the final launch.

  • Launch: Rolled out the rebranded platform with a coordinated marketing push, including blog posts, social media announcements, and email newsletters.

Testing and Implementation

The rebranding and redesign of Plugify successfully addressed the initial challenges by providing a more intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly platform. The improved user experience not only increased engagement and conversion rates but also strengthened Plugify's position as a leading live music booking platform.




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